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Various funding partners to achieve the performance targets above. It is further recommended that the collaborative sport review process undertaken by the national funding partners to be used as the bas is for validating the performance targets above via a process to set specific sport by sport athlete performance targets. In addition, this process should be used to identify other key performance indicators which will demonstrate progress toward the national targets. These could include such things as the number of sports winning medals, the number of top 8 performances, etc. the targets need to be supported by athlete development targets established using placed on an Olympic/Paralympics’ team, number of medalists on an…show more content…
D. Cultures of Excellence and Sport Institutes Italian needs to use the new national and regional sport institutes to create a world class environment of excellence in which its athletes can train. Prerequisites for this will include world class coaching, world class facilities and equipment, sport science support, competition, residence facilities and meal options athletes who have achieved a level of excellence. Further, a system of sport schools similar to the sport program should be created in every suburb school with population greater than 10,000. Sport school can also contribute to the further development of team sports by creating a higher level competitive network for school based sports. E. Competitive Programs with International Exposure To afford our athletes the opportunity to compete for medals at the Olympic and Paralympics’ Games, there is a need for our age group high performance athletes to be exposed to international competition similar to the European nations we are seeking to pass in the nations ranking. Therefore, it is recommended to continue and expend the program and link it to provincial high performance programs. The on going review of the Games program should be completed to ensure that this important competitive opportunity fits with high performance athlete development and contributes to the national athlete performance targets. Consideration
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