Real Life Fairy Tale

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“And they lived happily ever after….” she read from the hard cover book which lay open on the bed she had been sitting on for the past half hour. “Sarah, why do you even bother reading these childish fairytales to me? I will never and I mean “never” be able to accept your absurd belief in these stories!” Maya marked while painting her perfectly manicured nails a shade of dark blue. “I mean do you really think that a fairy tale view of romance can survive in the real world? Do you really actually believe that prince charming will come and a wicked old hag will cause trouble in paradise? Love... Marriage….all this stuff is overrated... we should not take it so seriously... Oh and I heard you and Ali are going out tonight… I cannot understand how you two have been together for so long… seriously! Next thing you know he plops a diamond ring on your finger.” Maya hissed with disgust on her face. “You never know Maya.” Sarah muttered under her breath. The car came to a halt and she realized that she must have reached the restaurant where Ali had booked a table for them. She could barely see past the pitch black windows of the Mercedes which Ali had sent over. The chauffer opened the door and Sarah got out of the car gracefully. Her stilettos clacked against the ground as she walked towards the glass doors of the posh restaurant. She had somewhat gotten used to dining at such locations with Ali as he loved spulgering on their nights out. She had taken it upon herself to dress
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