Real Life Scenarios

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Jasmine Cano, Brigittie Gomez, Yaileen Gonza ,Riche Laing, George Rivero, & Omeiya Yousuf,

Phase II
1. Why did you choose this position? Why did you choose this organization?

2. A. Where do you see yourself with the company with five years?
B. What is a time you exercised leadership?
C. Which types of community projects do you enjoy contributing your personal skills
D. Tell me about a time when there was no rule or predent to help you attack a problem

3. What assets/skill/strengths do you have to bring to these organizations? Please elaborate on your qualifications.

4. Scenarios \
Real life scenario: If you have to work with a patient how have suffered of family abuse his entire life and the only way he thinks that he can manage
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The potential victims are on their knees and you can tell they appear distress by their body language. The young boy turns and points the handgun towards you. What would you do?
Off the wall: If you were the only officer in a small city and there was a riot of 15 people. What would you do to call everyone down and convince everyone to leave?

Social Worker
Real life scenario : You are the social worker for 5-year-old Christina. You get a call from Christina’s grandmother who is caring for her and she is very upset. She tells you that Christina started school today, but she was called to go pick her up at 10:30 a.m. The teacher says that Christina is not ready for kindergarten. Christina was fighting with the other children and ran around at circle time. She could not be redirected and refused to respond to the teacher. She would not play with the other children and wet her pants. She did not know her colors and threw a tantrum when the teacher tried to help her with them. Christina also did not know how to ride the tricycle. What are your concerns? What would you do? What would you suggest to Christina’s grandmother? What are the implications for your interactions with the child and
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