Real Madrid Brand Management

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This assignment analyses how Real Madrid went from a local to global organization and turned into one of the most well known football clubs in the world by leveraging its brand equity and implementing successful marketing programmes throughout the world. Real Madrid was ranked the richest football club in the world in 2009-10, according to Delloitte Football Club Annual Report with €438.6m in revenue. (, 2011) 1) Brand values and positioning Brand awareness For the first 100 years of its story, Real Madrid created a reputation around Europe by winning a sequence of titles in the beginning of the European competition. Since the beginning of 2000’s when a new strategy was implemented, the club increased its brand awareness…show more content…
Although there are critics to the efficiency of the Galacticos strategy, Real Madrid benefited from increased brand awareness worldwide. Real Madrid explored the tangible assets of the brand in order to turn it global: Game results: to achieve Real Madrid’s vision to be the best in the world, the club hired the best football players, e.g. by bringing the “Galacticos” which also enabled the team to borrow the player’s image and gave endorsement to the brand. Merchandising: the production of sports items, clothing and other items has the intention of extending the contacts with the fans not only to the football game but also into other situations of their life by selling them clothing and items to be used in other situations. According to (Quelch et all, 2007), the strategy was to increase the percentage of revenue coming from merchandising. Corporate sponsors: a beneficial relationship for both parties, the increasing awareness coming from the efficient marketing programme from Real Madrid allows a greater financial return and also the possibility to reach the consumers of its sponsors as well. The main sponsors are both in the sports arena, which allows the club to expand its image without over-stretching; eg. Bwin sport betting platform; and Adidas, an experienced brand in the sports scene. Other sports brands People Things Places Adidas & Bwin Galacticos Cristiano Ronaldo Figure 3. Secondary leveraging through associations with people and

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