Real People, Real Cases on Television

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The first judge was Judge Wapner (most iconic in the day) with even Judge Judy’s husband on the bench (for a very short time)! The latest presiding judge is Marilyn Milian. They are loved by many, but those unfortunate enough to be on the guilty side of a case seeing the wrath of a judge might not agree. Every day millions of Americans and countless people around the world tune in to The People’s Court or Judge Judy along with more recent non-traditional courts, such as Paternity Court and Divorce Court. While there are many reasons they are so popular, an important question to ask is what keeps drawing people back every day to their televisions to watch these shows?
Viewers unfamiliar with the genre might think that they are all the same; however, the personalities and various style of judging is what makes each stand out from the other. Judge Judy is known for her “no non-sense” style of rulings, while Judge Marilyn Milian (The People’s Court) is less abrasive yet still assertive in the eyes of the law. We love seeing Judge Judy losing her temper while embarrassing the defendant or plaintiff who is in the wrong, and making the guilty parties take responsibility for their actions and (hopefully learn to) make the right choices in the future. Other viewers enjoy Judge Milian react with…
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