Real Self How Others See Me Ideal Self

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Chapter 11 Assignment: Real Self How Others See Me Ideal Self Honest Intelligent Honest Individualistic Relaxed Confident Introvert Selfless Positive Friendly Friendly Self-Assured Shy Helpful Assertive Understanding Timid Generous Sensitive Active Responsible Active Understanding Understanding Affectionate Logical Affectionate Opinionated Opinionated Intelligent I am an introvert and had very bad social skills. It seems like many normal people naturally adapt to social situations but not me. I have had to analyze people and write things down. I could never keep girls after a certain age and started losing friends around 16. Well I realized my friends were around me because they liked my company. When I fell into a deep depression…show more content…
I witnessed people say the exact same thing to a woman. One was scorned and the other liked and praised. One instance was because the girl thought one guy was hot and the other ugly. Another instance was just the connotation of the word. For example pig and swine, promiscuous and slut. Also I noticed most people don 't admit things because they are concerned with their image. Which happens to be the reason a lot of guys and girls didn 't want to deal with me. I had low status image. People would make fun of a girl for speaking to me. Hierarchy never existed in my mind. I also can 't ask some questions directly because people don 't really want to answer. They get angry and accuse me of being rude, simply refuse to answer, use red herring fallacies, or lie. So I just have to observe them and use inductive reasoning. This works pretty well though sometimes I’m not correct or I’m partially correct because I didn 't have enough information. My life is so much better now. I can walk away from people before they reject me. I can tell when people are interested in me sometimes. I can sort out a problem in a relationship when I first stop it before it escalates and becomes obvious. I know more of what not to do and what people generally like. One problem I have is that I don 't understand people 's feelings because I’m introverted and not the same. I can only notice their behavior changed
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