Real Time Big Data Processing With Machine Learning

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Real Time Big Data Processing with Machine Learning On Real Estate Business ABSTRACT Real Time Big Data Processing with Machine Learning On Real Estate Business By Jasleen Kaur Raghav Munjal Shubham Rajvanshi Della Sivakumar Data is a powerful weapon as well as a resource. Having data does not make you powerful but what you do with it makes all the difference. Companies like Amazon, eBay and Netflix are already using data to predict user behavior and utilizing that to increase their revenue. But processing data in real time is not an easy task. The data today has great volume, is veracious in nature and is increasing at an enormous rate and hence has been given the term Big Data. There is a constant research going on to find a solution to process such huge amount of data in real time. The Hadoop based batch processing is a powerful tool for analyzing data offline. But it fails to process anything in real time. Highly sensitive situations like crediting card fraud detection, networking fault prediction; threat detection and so on cannot be postponed for an offline analysis. Situations like these need instant results because if something is not done to mitigate a potential threat in real time, the damage may be catastrophic. The goal of this project is to come up with a scalable and efficient solution which can process heterogeneous data in the most simplified design possible in real time. Existing solutions are either not scalable or approach one kind of data and in
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