`` Real Women Have Curves ' : An Individual 's Pursuit Of The American Dream

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In the film, “Real Women Have Curves” portrays the theme that the American Dream is achievable, but greatly hindered to obtain it. Ana Garcia continuously faces obstacles such as not having equal opportunities to partake in extracurricular activities, a quality education institution, and the continuous struggle between her mother 's traditions and the modern world 's definition of a woman. Ultimately, she successfully passed through these hindrances and achieved her goals. The American Dream is the ideal goal every person wants to obtain, but certain obstacles prevent them from continuing to complete their goals. In the article, “Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life”, Lareau discusses on how social status serve as a factor in an individual 's pursuit of the American Dream. Lareau explains that children in the white-collar, or middle class, undergo a stage called child rearing where the parents help the children obtain skills that would benefit them in society. Lareau uses terms to explain the upbringings in both classes. She states that the “middle-class parents engage in a process called concerted cultivation” (Lareau, 43) while the working class prioritized on the “accomplishment of natural growth” (Lareau, 44). The American Dream is mainly identified as a goal only achievable through an individual 's effort. However, despite the working-class children being given more leisure time to expand their skills, they did not acquire the same skills that the

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