Real World Applications of Od Principles

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Real World Applications of OD Principles BUS370: Organizational Development Organizational Development (OD) is the systematic application of behavioral science to bring about planned change in organizations. The intended objectives are improved adaptability, productivity, and effectiveness. These objectives are accomplished by changing values, attitudes, strategies, behaviors, procedures, and structures so that organizations can adapt to the changing technology, and competitive forces. (Taylor, n.d.). People and organizations deal with change on a daily basis. Change is inherent in contemporary organizational experience and many companies are constantly competing in changing market…show more content…
The ongoing results will be monitored to determine the “degree of change that has been attained versus the desired change goals.” (Brown, 2011, pp. 118). Actions plans, strategies, and techniques are ways we can develop and work together to ensure the continued operation of the business. This stage is where we have activities, interventions, and programs aimed at resolving any problems with organizational effectiveness. (Brown, 2011, pp. 16). We need to form a plan to target existing cultures and norms and evaluate them accordingly. A time frame should be determined, timing it with the closing of the automotive industry, and determine to what degree are we aiming for, minor or extreme. The self-renewal, monitor, and stabilize constitutes when we reach the set goals of what we planned for. This is where we assess the effectiveness of what we have changed and what the results are. This stage is where the business ends up, how successful we are, and how we carried out our plans. As a manager, along with my employees, have to ensure we maintain, stabilize, and monitor what we have just worked so hard for. An OD strategy is comprehensive plan based on a thorough analysis of organizational needs and goals. It is designed to bring about specific changes and to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to secure those changes. In order to keep my small business successful, I have applied the OD principles and implementing the five step
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