Real World Business Analysis

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Real-world Business Analysis Contents The Business Model 3 Uncontested Market Space Strategy—First Pass 3 General Force and Customer Analysis 4 Customer Analysis 5 Relative Core Competency and Resource Analysis 7 Metrics Tactical Plan 10 General Approach to Leadership and Culture 13 Six Paths Analysis 15 Strategy Canvas Analysis 17 Four Actions Grid Analysis 20 Noncustomer Analysis 21 Buyer Utility Map 22 Price Corridor Analysis 24 BOI Index Table 25 Three E Fair Process Analysis 27 Reference: 29 The Business Model Peach mobile provides Telecom and Internet service to the consumer and corporate customers in Jamaica. Peach mobile’s mission is to equip every home and office in Jamaica with voice and data…show more content…
The Jamaican customers are very social and keep close ties with local and international friends. The public is very expressive and generally engage well in conversations. The general characteristics of the public are very conducive for telecom product that enable and innovate communication options. Market segmentation is key in understanding the customer base of Peach mobile. The usage information that Peach mobile could retrieve from various systems while providing the service can be extremely effective in segmenting the customer. Peach mobiles customers can be segmented based on the age, gender, most received or made call location (geographical), revenue generated, type of services purchased, length of time on the network, handset or device used (feature of device) etc. Jamaican customers are very sensitive to the price owing to economic conditions. It is notable that Jamaica has well over 90% mobile communication penetration. This shows that telecommunication services are considered a very important need of the public and can be categorized as essential service. Peach mobile account only 20% market share, this would mean an excellent opportunity for Peach mobile to increase the revenue by increasing the market share. Right product and market positioning will help Peach mobile gain market share. Hamel and Prahalad argue “it is not industry that is mature, but the executives’
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