Real World Negotiation Analysis

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1. The topic for my real world negotiation is to come to an agreement with my supervisor for a promotion as well as an increased salary. I currently work as a student assistant at the student services Planning, Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs (PEMSA) department. My goal is to increase my hourly pay from $10.15 to $12.70, a 25% increase. Having worked in this department for three years, I have taken on tasks not part of my job description such as processing return mail, data entry, and supervision. 2. This is primarily an integrative negotiation in the sense that I wish to resolve this conflict so that my supervisor and I may benefit. Although I hope to have a better salary and promotion, I don’t want it at the expense of my…show more content…
4. My goal is to solve this problem in a way where both my supervisor and I benefit. Since I do not know my supervisor’s preferred negotiation tactic, I must prepare preset goals in case our methods differ. I am aware that the PEMSA department works on a budget which compensates employees as well as pay for resources. I want to be recognized and paid according to my work without causing a major dent in the allocation of funds. My preset goals are as follows: 1) Pay increase from $10.15 hourly to $12.70 hourly. (Opening) 2) Benefits such as a better working conditions, and vacation days. (Target) 3) Promotion or a higher title/position with little to no pay increase. (Lowest outcome willing to accept) 5. My supervisor and I have common interests in the sense that we both wish to maximize output above expectations. We are both committed to this department and often think of ways to improve output. Our interest differ when it comes to duties. As I mentioned before, I have completed tasks not part of my job description, and was not paid for the extra work. 6. My strategy for this negotiation would be to list my achievements, such as punctuality, going above and beyond expectations, as well as assisting employees in other departments. I will allow my supervisor to make the first salary offer. Depending on his offer, I will express that I want a salary that is competitive with the market. My second response would be to give a salary range that I find

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