Real World Process Interview Paper

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Real World Process Interview

On January 23, 201 an interview was conducted with Milton E. Maddox, CPT, SC Operations Officer for United States Military Expeditionary Training Support Division .Captain Maddox’s credentials include over 18 years of military experience with eighteen months of supply chain experience. Captain Maddox is a Communications Officer for Expeditionary Training Support Division. In our interview he prefers to be called Milton. Milton stated that he serves as the primary Operations Officer for Deployable Instrumentation System Europe (DISE) which is responsible for providing home station instrumentation training support and equipment for U.S. and Multinational Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines training throughout
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Each project consist of an average of 17 to 20 people some civilian and the others are military. As the lead operation officer he must ensure each project is on schedule and the equipment, training, is processed on expected delivery date. Milton is responsible for delivery of products in 7 to 10 Europe Countries. The hours are long and it vital that the inventory is delivered and set up according to schedule. (Milton E. Maddox, CPT, SC Operation Officer, 2016, January 23) Milton mentioned that his job detailed is more than the supply chain process and operations officer. Often times he assists in the development and execution of the DISE operational budget. The G8 Financial Manger oversees the budget and processes the information to Milton. (Milton E. Maddox, CPT, SC Operation Officer, 2016, January 23) After discussing the details of his job specification we examined its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths comprised of a remarkable training support system. Exceptional financial records that allows for an enormous budget to implement equipment to military personal in the 7 to 10 countries in Europe. The chain of process in minimal which elevates the delay in progress and approval. The specific gear being transported is of high quality and proper training is executed to minimize errors. (Milton E. Maddox, CPT, SC Operation Officer, 2016, January 23)
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