Real World Violence And Video Games

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Real-World Violence and Video Games From news outlets, to politicians, to parents: when tragedies occur they place the blame on many different sources. After the Sandy Hook shooting, media networks fiercely debated whether or not video games played a part in the shooter’s motives, as he had played games from the notorious Grand Theft Auto series prior to the shooting. Some even suggested banning video games outright, despite the fact that other mediums that can portray violence, such as movies and television, were overlooked. It is my personal belief that video games can be a form of art, as they can send as powerful an emotional message as any movie or song can. Thus, I believe it is important to understand the motives behind the creation of these games as well as how people interpret their meanings. The origin of the dispute can be traced back to the mid-1970’s, when video games were still in their commercial infancy. The game Death Race featured the player running over as many gremlins as they could in order to get a high score, and protests against the game brought more publicity to the subject (Walker). Though there was no direct link to real world events inspired by that game, it nonetheless showed that the medium was just as susceptible to controversy as films and music are. The first major event thought to be inspired by video games was the Columbine high school shooting in 1999. The shooters were known to have been fans of particularly violent games from
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