`` Real World `` Writing Context Analysis

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“Real World” Writing Context Analysis Text: I’ve chosen to analyze a conversation I had with a friend via text message. A Text message should be short and concise, consisting of no more than 160 characters, including spaces, punctuation, branding, links, and opt-out instruction (“Text Messaging Guidelines & Best Practices | Social Media | CDC”). Due to the character limit, abbreviations can be used, but only if easily understood. For example, abbreviating “message” to “msg” would be appropriate. It’s also important for grammar to be above 8th grade reading level. Phone numbers should be formatted properly so that the recipient can click to call back or respond. Include links and tags in important information to communicate more effectively. Your message should resonate with your audience and prompt them to take action. Purpose: The primary objective of this text message is to convince my friend to back out of joining the military. To make my argument effective, I mentioned his girlfriend and how devastated she’d be if something were to happen to him on the field. I also reminded him of all the love his family has provided and how heartbroken they’d be when they found out about this decision. In addition, I informed him about the demoralizing effects war can leave on an individual. I provided an example in which a young man left his family to serve his country, only to return dehumanized and unable to live a normal life. In our discussion, I attached a link to an
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