Real and Cyber World Threats

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Every day we are prone to threats against our lives that may harm us in many ways, in the real world and cyber world. In the cyber realm, we have a big issue with something called malware; malware is malicious software that comes in many forms. It may attack in many ways at any time or place; that is why there is a lot of research going into figuring out how malware works.

Malware costs people in the US alone billions of dollars yearly (Consumer Reports Magazine). There are many types of malware such as: Viruses, Trojan horses, Phishing, Worms, and Spyware. They work in many different ways but they all corrupt something in the everyday lives of the computer users. First off, Phishing, poses as a real legitimate such as: bank websites. It wants you to go to the link while it “fishes” for the data you provide on the site. Spyware is a monitor of your personal use on your computer. It sends advertising info after it has your data, this is one of the most difficult to get rid of. Trojan horses, like Phishing, may be covered and look like a real program and have actual function but it can delete data and compromise security. A Virus, we all have heard of a virus before. It is the most common known to man. A Virus infects your computer by overtaking the control of the computer it also looks for sensitive data like, credit card info, passwords, etc. Lastly, there are Worms. Worms are usually sent through email and they venture out into your address book; creating a
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