Realism And The Impressionism Movement

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Heavily influenced by the previous art era,, the Realism period, The impressionism period came to rise in the earlier years of the nineteenth century. Impressionism focused mainly on the more modern world, but specifically targeted in the more urban parts of Paris. Impressionism originated from a group of French artists that created a style of art that was more likely for them to use. The subject of an impressionist artist was primarily composed of contemporary landscapes and depictions of modern art. Impressionists painted in a way that depicted light in the paintings as a form of movement. Impressionism artist preferred to paint outdoors rather than inside, to focus on the landscape and enjoyed to paint the everyday life of people. One of the more breakthrough artist during the Impressionism movement was Camille Pissarro. Pissarro’s style of art left a lasting impression on the followers of the impressionist movement. Later in the nineteenth Century, the era of Post-Impressionism was introduced to the world. The post-impressionism movement paved the way for the development of more modern arts. The artwork of Post-impressionism heavily rebelled against the style and structure of impressionism. The style of the post-impressionism movement was stressed throughout the significant increase of emotion and focus on more symbolic subject matter compared to the impressionism period. At first glance, the resemblance between The Goose Girl and The Rock, is almost nonexistent.
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