Realism And The Victorian Era

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So what does one do when said individuals that are of different blood and social statuses fall in love? The Victorian Era was a time where your social status could be construed as directly correlating to whom said individual could socialize with, marry, or have any ties too. Perhaps maybe there weren’t three individuals that knew this more than the three of Wuthering Heights Edgar Linton, Catherine Earnshaw, and Heathcliff. The Victorian Era had many elements that could be tied to it but the one that will be the center focus for this paper will be realism. Realism emphasized the middle class and rejected the heroic in favor of the ordinary, focusing on common people and common situations. In realism the middle class was simply feed up with social statuses and not having a voice in society. Another group of people that simply were feed up with the norms of society was that of women. Realism not only focused on the common class as a whole but on the empowerment of women and letting these ladies voices be heard whether it was through writings such as Wuthering Heights. Nevertheless, the Victorian Era was a time in which many would considered was the ultimate turning point for two different group of people as a whole the commoners as well as the women of this era. Edgar Linton was a young man of noble blood that makes the love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff very complicated. From the story of Wuthering Heights Linton definitely would be the ideal guy for Catherine
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