Realism In Down With The Shine By Lennie

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Moonshine is a alcohol that is normally made in secret to avoid the high taxes and just outright bans. Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading a novel called Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn. In this novel Lennie is a young highschool girl who is not much of one to party but decides to go to honor her dead friends wishes. Once arriving to the party she pulls out the shine and begins the family's tradition of making wishes with it. The next morning she wakes up to a TOTAL disaster. This novel is a demonstration of magical realism. People always say not to play with magic. Lennie goes on to prove that, when she gives people non human features, brings her friend back from the dead, and ruins a family secret/legacy. Magic will ruin peoples lives. Not only will being drunk make you think that things are great at one given moment in…show more content…
She arranged to meet a man that she had met online, she lied to the man about her identity she said she was Lennie not knowing the dangers. The man went on to torture her to death. Lennie knew that her life was taken way too early, but for her to say that she wishes the death never happened and she would just be home in bed sleeping alive in the morning. “I wished for Dylan to be alive again. Holy sh*t. Holy holy holiest of sh*ts. I wished for Dyl to be alive and if everything is f**ked up the way my uncles say it is, then that means…” (Quinn 77). When Lennie and Smith ( Dylan’s brother) arrive at her house to discover her laying in bed alive asleep just as wished. Not only is a dead person brought back to life but she is stiched and cut and missing parts because her killer didn't leave all parts to be found and put back to together. Lennie only has the body parts that were in her casquette. The teens run around town trying to hide her and not make her fully aware of what has happened knowing her
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