Realism In The Lumiere Brothers

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Realism is the artistic attempt to recreate life as it is in the context of an artistic medium. It began as a revolt against the conventions of the classic view of art in the late 1800s in America and Europe in the form of an artistic movement (McConnel, R. 1997). There are many themes involved with realism that shall be discussed. These include accuracy and independence.

Realists attempt to portray the illusion that their film world has not been manipulated and is almost like a mirror to the real world. Their techniques are different to those of any other film. They try to make the film seem as real and as close to normal life as possible by using natural lighting instead of special lighting equipment, they also mostly use hand held cameras and employ non- professional actors to really uphold this realistic image.

The Lumiere Brothers were the pioneers of ‘realism through films’ as they
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The depiction of subjects is always absolutely accurate to reinforce the portrayal of real life and is void of any unnecessary artistic embellishment (Vaux, R. 2014). A technique that is used is filming done on locations rather than sets to properly portray the feel of real-life. Events are not euphemized or hyperbolized to become a distortion or opinion of the truth. Unpleasant images, words and events are portrayed in full with no hidden facts, as well as plain images, words or events.

A realist film that shows great accuracy is the war film All Quiet on the Western Front. The storyline incorporates just enough action to inform viewers that it is a war movie and at the same time it also embodies many other aspects such as the politics, emotions and hype involved with the war (Ronald, R. 2013). This gives the viewer a more accurate view as all aspects of the war are covered. Throughout the film we see that real locations have been chosen to enhance the realistic vision and accuracy of the film.

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