Realism In The Revolt Of Woman

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Dunton 1
Kyle Dunton
Hollie Lowe
English 236
18 May 2017
Role of women
In the realism time period women did not have many rights or role to say. Women mostly just stayed at home, cared for the kids, and cleaned. They didn't have much say in big decisions that the men or husbands made.There were multiple stories and poems in both time periods that showed women standing up for what they believed in, trying to get more rights, and trying to be an equal partner with their husbands.
During the realism time period there is a great short story called “The Revolt Of Mother”. In the “Revolt of Mother”, written by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Sarah Penn made a difference and went against her husband. This was a huge deal during the Realism time period that got women to thinking about what would happen if they did the same. There were many 19th century or realism influences present within the story such as
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The wallpaper represents her trying to escape her husband after her husband tells her what is wrong with her but he is wrong. She said she saw a woman trapped trying to escape the wallpaper. This symbolizes her relationship with her husband how she wants to be let free, or let go of her husband's orders in other words. As she looks further into the wallpaper she is examining her life and begins to change her mind and talk about how she now despises her husband.
An excellent story written in Modern times was “Emperor of Ice Cream” written by Wallace Stevens. It's a short poem and is a little hard to understand and also a little confusing. The poem starts out talking about kids playing and then bringing flowers. Then the poem jumps over to being at a funeral for a women with “horny feet” as it states in the poem. “The Emperor Of Ice Cream” is pretty much how the emperor will be the emperor no matter what
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