Realism, Pathos, And Logos

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In the same manner that capitalism has been heralded as the “end of history,” has art under the current age of capitalist globalization come to an end as well? In an exchange between two artists, rapper M.I.A and portrait painter Kehinde Wiley for Interview magazine, art has come to its demise, at least in the United States. In claiming such a death of art, both artists used their personal experiences and observations to make a comparative evaluation of the state of art in New York and in developing countries they have visited. This paper analyzes the rhetorical techniques used by both artists – ethos, pathos, and logos – in problematizing what is wrong with the contemporary art scene at the moment. The entire interview was intended to a specific audience – artists. Thus, ethos was a vital technique to establish the speakers’ credibility in their commentary about the art industry. Both Wiley and M.I.A are recognized artists in their particular fields. At the onset, their credibility as artists and thus, critics of the industry are well established throughout the interview. By narrating a wealth of experience in working with different artists from different countries, their thesis about the death of art in New York is strengthened. By reputation, both artists are multi-awarded. Wiley is a Yale educated portrait painter whose work has been cited for its unique fusion-style rendering of African-American men in heroic poses. He is recipient of the Artist of the Year Award from
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