Essay on Realism and the Concepts of Collective Security and Defense

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Realism is a theory that suggests the need for anarchy in the global arena, whilst at the same time realist doctrine suggests that stability can only be achieved through a “balance of power”. With this said, are the doctrines of Collective Security and Defense fundamentally different from realism or does the idea of a “balance of power” mean that even the anarchical law of Realism is destined to seek order or at the very least is at the mercy of its necessity? Evaluation of the bounds of realism and the examination of the “practiced” institutions of Collective Security and Defense can hopefully clarify this. It is essential therefore to define the fundamentals of realism, collective defense and security in order to understand the…show more content…
The belief of many in regards to realism is that it is all too Machiavellian in that under realist ideology, the state may act in whatever way necessary in order for the end to justify the means, and without reproach. Theorists like Hans Morgenthau are classical realists and though they also preach the necessity of the paramount nature of national interests, they claim to not be so Machiavellian in their beliefs.5 Theorists like Thucydides of Athens found much knowledge to be gained by analyzing both sides of the argument when considering morality and its application as a means to achieving the same necessary growth of power. Realists rely upon several things that are considered “certain” facts in terms of their theories. Realists initially view humanity as being generally egotistical in nature and self-interested to such an extent that it almost always has the potential to overrule commonly established morality.6 It is furthermore assumed then that the world (at least in terms of a global scheme) operates under no real governing body or set of laws and as such we live in a global anarchical society in which each independent state must fight for its own survival and do whatever is necessary in order to ensure
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