Realism in Poetry of Rabindranath Tagore

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Ph. D DEGREE IN ENGLISH Research Topic: “Realism in Tagore’s Poetry”

Research Scholar : (Sumer Prasad) S/o Late Mahendra Prasad Vill. Semari, P. O. Gothain Dist. Ballia, U. P.

Supervisor : Dr.( Ravi Shankar Singh) P. G. College, Ghazipur U. P.

Co-Supervisor : Dr. (A. K. Mishra) Reader, Dept. of English D. C. S. K. (P. G.) College, Mau, U. P.

Research Centre : D. C. S. Khandelwal (P. G.) College, Maunath Bhanja Mau, U. P.


Chapter Scheme


Chapter 1: Towards an understanding of Realism

Chapter 2: Realism in Tagore’s Poetry
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It is thus, not concerned with idealization with rendering things as beautiful when they are not, or in any way presenting them in any guise as they are not; nor, as a rule, is realism concerned with presenting the supra normal or transcendental” Though, of course, the writings of Richard Rolle of Hampole, for example, or the mystical poems of St. John of the Cross, are realistic enough if we believe in God and the spiritual order. The writing of the mystic and the visionary perhaps belongs to a rather special category which might be called ‘Super reality; on the whole one tends to think of realism in terms of the everyday, the normal, the pragmatic, more crudely, it suggests jackers off, sleeves rolled up, a ‘no nonsense’ approach. The term realism in 20th century trends and movements can be better understood as, “a mode of writing that gives the impression of recording or reflecting faithfully an actual way of life” (Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms). The term, sometimes confusingly, suggests both to a literary
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