Realistic Joneses By Will Eno, And Directed By Scott Yarbrough

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Thursday, October, 29, 2015, I was privileged with the opportunity to see the production, Realistic Joneses, written by Will Eno, and directed by Scott Yarbrough. Realistic Joneses takes place in an unnamed small town, somewhere near the ocean and mountains. Realistic Joneses, is presented in a conventional fashion, with its use of props and stage settings. The standouts in the performance were undoubtedly Bob, played by Darius Pierce, and Jennifer, played by Kerry Ryan. In the play both Bob and Jennifer are struggling in their marriage and seek out others only to come running back to each other. Without strong performances by Bob and Jennifer the play would have been a complete failure, because they are the heart of the production. In the play, Realistic Joneses, two couples, with the last name “Jones”, find themselves, coincidently, neighbors. There are two main dramatic issues in the play. The first is the lust that Bob has for Pony, and the lust John has for Jennifer. In the end this only helps the two couples strengthen their relationships and grow closer. The second dramatic issue was the nerve damaging illness both of the men had. The illness made life hard for them but they each had different, and quite hysterical, ways of coping with it. The production was structured completely around humor. So much so, that the message was often lost or forgotten. The main theme that I was able to gather from the play was renewing love. This theme is shown throughout the play as

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