Realistic Training On The Fire Service

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The Need for Realistic Training in the Fire Service The fire service is now being pushed to the limit by communities that expect more out of the types of services provided. More than ever, fire departments rely on training to prepare their new recruits and maintain the skill level of its existing firefighters. These firefighters must be trained so that they will gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to serve and respond to those in need of assistance. If the fire service desires a change in operations, training is essential to educate firefighters on those changes. Training also allows a fire department to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of its firefighters (National Fire Protection Association, 2009). To have a successful training program, a fire department must evaluate who is being trained and the methods being used. The levels of information retention should be recognized for their various stages of success in the training process. The effects of stress should be taken into account, and training can be used to counteract detrimental levels of stress. At the forefront of this training, safety of the firefighter is critical. Shortcuts cannot be tolerated during a simulation, otherwise they may be repeated in real life scenarios. The Adult Learner Training today’s modern fire service creates multiple priorities of its training program. The level of success of any training program is directly proportional to the planning efforts. Part

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