Essay on Reality-Based Leadership ~ My Opinion

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Reality-Based Leadership Review

Though out this paper I will provide my opinion on how accurate Cy Wakeman’s book Reality-Based Leadership is in the workplace. I will attempt to provide my honest and professional opinion about the techniques Ms. Wakeman outlines in her book about leadership.

In my opinion the Reality-Based Leadership book is broken down into three main points which are; managing versus leading, leading your employees and yourself, and delegating your authority. During these topics I will summarize what the book talks about then analyze what was discussed and provide my thoughts about whether or not I think it is realistic or wishful thinking.

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The thought with this is some of the middle 60% will rise up wanting to belong to the top and the others will fall to the bottom. I see this practice as “trimming the fat” of the organization by terminating the ones who are only there to take up space and collect a paycheck. For this strategy to work in today’s sue happy world you will have to maintain extensive records of your employees. You will have to sit down with each and every one of them and ensure they know what is expected of them within the organization or the team.
By focusing on the top performers within your organization you allow them the latitude to make their own decisions for the tasks that they were assigned. This makes your job as a leader and a manager easier and makes the employees feel they belong to a higher purpose and the satisfaction that they are an integral part of the organization. It will also allow you to focus more on the development of others help them achieve higher degrees of satisfaction and possibly accelerate their career by getting promoted to higher positions within the organization.

A successful leader will be contagious within the organization. When you, the manager, are faced with change, whether it is changing a process or it is the higher management wants to lower their human capital, you are going to have to be the engine that drives your employees even if you are not involved in the decision making. Leaders must display strength and
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