Reality Can Be A Real Pain

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As humans, we paint a picture perfect world where everything that we have hoped and dreamed for proceeds the way you aspired it to be; however, reality can be brutal especially when you either started your first year of high school or college. At times, school can be a real pain when you’re wishing to be somewhere other than a certain class that you are required to take to graduate or stressing out about other classes and their assignments that you are behind on. Feeling tremendously anxious and thinking that soon you’ll snap under pressure, you begin to think if it’s just time for you to just throw in the towel and drop out of school, go find a minimum wage job that you’ll hate and forever work there, and regretting the choice you made…show more content…
I just wish that you do better than what I have set as an example for you. Just know that your grandparents, your mother, your brother(s), your sister(s) and I are here for you. I love you,” thus, closing the memory with a warm embrace that you and your father share. Thinking back on how I arrived at college and having the desire to come to continue my education, my family is what hustled me along. Even though we disagreed with each others opinions or views on certain subjects, my family consistently will be my number one supporters, especially my parents. My family has and will always be there to love and support the choices that I have made and will make in the future. Either they tell it to me in person, through a text, a phone call, FaceTime or even through a post on Facebook, I know that they support me one hundred percent. Since they had my brother right out of high school, they’ve been working odd jobs that eventually moved our little family of five from the tropical Big Island (the actual island named Hawai’i) to settle in the LDS capital and where the weather is notably indecisive, Utah. Taking note on how Utah’s McDonald’s doesn’t serve Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice for breakfast or Saimin (Ramen) with a large Hi-C Fruit Punch or hearing “Pigeon” (Hawaii’s other language) daily, we were having a bad case of culture shock and Hawaii’s food withdrawals. Not only was the food different, we also had to
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