Reality Television Has A Harm Than Good

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Reality television has grown to be one of the most popular genres in TV history. Ten years ago, you would find maybe one or two reality shows on air. These days, there are numerous kinds of reality television shows on just about every channel. They range from dating shows, game shows, and shows about “real life.” Some examples are The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Teen Mom, etc. Most of these shows don’t promote any harm; however, they’re starting to take a toll on the younger viewers. This is an important topic because reality TV could eventually cause some potential harm to younger viewers who don’t understand that it’s fake-and that they should not idolize and emulate the stars of these shows. The point of this paper is to explore the effects of reality TV and to discover if it actually causes more harm than good.
A group of people in which I would like to learn more about would be those affected by reality TV because of being on a show. In other words, actual participants in reality TV programs who have somehow had a negative experience, whether it be physically (harm to themselves or others) or mentally (traumatic experience). These are the people who know firsthand what reality television can do to someone. For example, before the airing of the second season, Russell Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills committed suicide. According to his attorney, Russell and his wife Taylor’s marriage had been suffering mainly in

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