Reality Television Programs Essay

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Media producers all around the world have discovered that so called “Reality Television” programs are the key to maximising viewer bases and therefore profits. It is undisputed that Reality Television makes money. This has resulted in immense amounts of these programs being plastered across our screens. While these programs line the pockets of producers and companies, they are not necessarily beneficial to their audiences and the society we live in.
Reality Television programs of today promote schadenfreude, which is “the joy or pleasure derived from the plight and misery of others”. Are suffering and conflict some not of the main themes in the Reality Shows we watch today? Schadenfreude plays a huge role in the unscrupulous yet incredibly addictive nature of the genre. The sad fact is, the majority of us spend “roughly one third of our spare time watching television and Reality Shows make up 67% of this”. These shows are aired on nearly every channel simply because we watch them. We like to watch others suffer.
So what is it in our nature that causes us to derive pleasure from watching others suffer? There is undoubtedly catharsis involved but surely that can be achieved through fiction. So if not catharsis, could it merely be the fact that we are able to escape the reality of our own mundane lives and feel better about ourselves? Or maybe, just maybe there is something wired deep within us all that simply likes to watch others suffer; an evil vein, a genetic…