Reality Television and The Negative Impact on the Millennial Generation

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Since 1948 with the inception of Candid Camera viewers have been able to select between scripted television and reality television changing the nature of at home entertainment. The Millennium marked a change with the Academy of Arts and Science adding the reality genre to the Emmy Awards, celebrating ordinary people in unscripted situations. However with more and more of theses shows glamorizing negative behavior and social situations as well as taking away from scripted television and rewarding bad behavior it is no wonder the Millennial and next generations are said to be doomed.
In recent years there has been an evolution in television networks that focus the majority of their programing on reality television. Bravo which is owned by NBC originally focused on performing arts and independent films shifted to a focus on pop culture, fashion and celebrities in 2003. The original content of these shows was ways to better ones self with makeovers, however the birth of the Real Housewives franchise in 2006 brought on a much more negative trend. With the high saturation of “real” women in different area codes now playing out unscripted but seemingly over-produced drama comes the negative propaganda that this is how women are suppose to behave. These shows glamorize vulgarity, materialism, drug addiction, alcohol abuse and…
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