Reality Test Should Be Used For School

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Imagine yourself back in your freshman year of highschool. It is early October and field hockey is going great. Classes are not too bad either, and reports are right around the corner. On Monday your teacher pulls you aside and lets you know that if you do not get at least an eighty on this next test you will not do well in the class. Not only do you have other work due for school, but you have a job, field hockey and only two days left to study and really understand the material. This is currently the issue with test, teachers are using them as end point grades. This means they use them to see how much someone knows. Hence, using tests as final scoring of what they have learned. In reality test should be used to help guide teaching. As a teacher we should realize that test grades are affected by a lot of outside sources and are not always reliable. Test should be used to help guide the way teachers help their students learn, not used to measure what a student already knows. To lay a foundation for why tests should not be used to measure how much students know, but rather used as a guide for what teachers should teach we will look at the reliability of test. There are many factors that come into play when we are talking about test reliability, one being that there is not real feedback when it comes to tests. In the school district that I grew up in after our tests were graded and then given back to us with only incorrectly answered questions marked. A lot of the time
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