Reality Tv Affects Young Women

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The Real Housewives series along with discouraging education and encouraging marrying rich also instills a sense of materialism into you girls. By watching these women in their mid-late forties and beyond live outlandish, material bases lifestyles, it motivates young girls to strive for this lifestyle. The show also glorifies the divorce process. With the majority of the women on the show being divorced, it makes young women think that even then they can still be “successful” without having to work to attain it. These women, even after their divorces still live very comfortable lifestyles. The message this sends to young girls is problematic because they believe that their success is then measured by the man whom they marry, not by the merit of their own educational and occupational accomplishments. The Girl Scouts Institute did a study in 2011 entitled “Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV” in which they gave many statistics to support the way in which reality TV affects young women. In this study, they collected data from over 1,100 girls around the country and what they found was astonishing. Many of the girls, 50 percent of them to be exact, believed that real-life reality shows are “mainly real and unscripted” (Girl Scouts Institute 1). Their study showed that girls who consumed reality TV are more likely to be focused on their physical appearance. Seventy-two percent say they spend a lot of time on their appearance versus 42 percent of non-viewers. Thirty-eight percent of
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