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Reality TV Blake Brandt Reality TV has unseen effects and is detrimental to society. Reality TV is the current trend on TV that has brought back the buzz to television, but it also has unforeseen effects on its viewers. Some examples of Reality TV shows include: American Idol, The Bachelorette, Americas next top model, fear factor, etc...These shows range from singing talents, overcome their fears, to looks and beauty. Reality TV brings drama and voyeurism to its viewers by making its viewers too involved, taking them away from more important matters, and by wasting valuable resources on pointless entertainment. It has been said that the viewers that watch these shows on a regular basis tend to be psychologically effected by the…show more content…
Unfortunately most Reality TV shows will leave their garbage behind for someone else to pick up. There is an increasing rate of lawsuits against these shows that have left emotional scars on the participants. People who have been cast out of certain Show have to be rehabilitated after being in the show. One woman, Paula Goodspeed, committed suicide, after being rejected from American Idol. The judges Simon, Paula, and Jerry didn’t agree that the girl’s singing skill were good enough for the show; therefore after criticizing her Paula went and ended her life near one of the judge’s homes. Some people disagree with Reality TV being detrimental. In “The Case for Reality TV” Michael Hirschorn argues why Reality TV is beneficial to society. He begins by saying more people had watched American Idol, the previous week than the state of the union address on the broad cast networks combined. Hirschorn states that Reality TV is the liveliest genre on the set right now and has addressed a visceral need for a different kind of television at a time when the Web has made more traditionally produced video seem as stagey as Moliere. That Reality TV shows can leave behind the story structure and pacing of scripted television and also filter out the canned plots and characters. He also argues that Reality TV can place real people in artificial surrounding designed for maximum emotional impact, and at the

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