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Television Corrupting the World I can remember when I was younger, coming home from school into the house to change clothes and head back out the door to play. Any entertainment I received was what I experienced outside. When I came into the house, I was able to watch very little television. The most television I was able to watch was on Saturday mornings and it was cartoons. Today, the young and old come home and the first thing they do is turn on the television set. According to a survey done by Emory H. Woodard and Natalia Grindina, “on average, people are watching over 51 hours of television- that is five hours a day of TV on average for the last quarter of the year. Teenagers (12 to 17) spend 103 hours watching TV a month, whereas…show more content…
The last way television is corrupting us is by the gratification theory spoken by Steven Reiss. He stated, “People select media to fulfill certain needs. Media events repeatedly allow people to experience 16 desires and joys”. One of those fulfillments is curiosity. People always want to know what is going on with somebody else. Creating shows about people’s lives gives television watchers a first hand look of what someone else experiences or endures. The show Keeping up with the Kardashians is a good example. Most people are curious about how celebrities’ live. We have that desire for knowledge. Another fulfillment is vengeance. Some people love to watch other people being humiliated since it is not them. This is a key component in most reality television shows. An example of such a reality show would be Hell’s Kitchen. This show has normal working class people aspiring to be a chef in an upscale restaurant owned by Chef Gordon Ramsey. He speaks to the contestants on this show in a very degrading and humiliating manner. He feels his ways are teaching the people to perform at their best. I do not know of anyone, under normal work place circumstances, that would sit there and allow themselves to be embarrassed and disrespected by their boss. Behind the scenes, this attitude is encouraged to bring in more viewers. Another gratification is lust. They have all kind of shows that represent lusting. One example would be Flava of Love. How can these

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