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RUNNING HEAD: Reality Television, why? Reality Television, why do we watch these shows? Norma Gallegos ENGL122 Allorah Wyman Feb 4, 2013 Reality Television As a child growing up watching television wasn’t something we would watch to keep up with someone’s personal life or their family’s life but we seem to be drawn to theses shows. Now days it seems like more than half the shows on television are reality shows and the days of watching…show more content…
Reality shows are not to teacher you values and morals and anyone watching theses show that might think they can learn some values or morals might be in for a big surprise. Although there are some reality shows that might teach you a lesson or two, like for instance the show “sixteen and pregnant” or “Teen mom” I think that theses shows could teach a young lady or man that having a baby at such a young age might not be all its cracked up to be, that it only gets hard being a young parent and that it could possibly put your life on hold or it can show them that once you have a baby that you have no choice but to be responsible and grow up. Reality shows are here to stay and looks like we’ll being seeing a lot more of theses show and as television viewer we have the choice to watch theses shows or not. References BATTAGLIO, S. (2003, Jul 14). New reality:Young viewers avoid news shows. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Retrieved from Chronology. (2010). CQ Researcher, 20(29), 68 Levin, G. (2009, Mar 16). Reality boost; reality shows give viewers escapism that gloomy dramas just can't offer. Calgary Herald. Retrieved from Reality Check. (2003).

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