Reality Vs. Fantasy : Today 's Modern World

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Reality vs. Fantasy In today’s modern world, our mindsets in fashion are all based on fantasy: new brands, trends and many more. We all live in a society whereby we tend to buy things that are attractive and very unique within our culture. Even though we don’t have enough money for such expensive items such as clothes and many other materialistic things, borrowing or lending money from others would still be worthwhile due to the desirability of the product. In fashion, a question came to mind, what type of people are mostly portrayed in magazine covers and why focus only on one particular age group? Nowadays, as we all know, young people are the most portrayed in any fashion trends in the nation as well as the world we live in. Those that are being portrayed on magazine covers such as Entertainment Weekly, People, Star Magazine, Vogue, etc., depicts young/mid-age celebrities (actors/musicians/athletes) for example Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, George Clooney, Ashton Kutcher, Kobe Bryant and many more. What will it be like to feature older people on magazine ads today? Will consumers/customers still have the same feelings or mood of buying what is presented to them? Based on experiments, including survey questions I asked my friends, family members and various students, the majority of them would be in less favor of continuing their business relationship with such magazine companies that portrays older people than young on their ads. The magazine advertisement that I chose

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