Reality and The Five Senses

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The picture of reality that is around us is always constructed in our minds. Since we don’t have access to other people’s minds we fail to see their reality. The only way we can understand what is real in their world is to use our imagination. Our imagination serves us like a pair of shoes that lets us step into their world. The more we walk in their shoes, the more we know their world, and what is really in it. However, people tend to restrict reality and define it only using their five senses. Yet, this argument fails when it comes to explaining feelings that other people have experienced. This can be seen in the book, Swamplandia, when one tries to analyze the reality of Ossie’s world and the people in it. It’s clear to see that Louis Thanksgiving is a character in Ossie’s world that is real, because of her true feelings for him, her knowledge of even the most miniscule details of his life, and overall by using our logical reasoning’s .
Human beings are capable of experiencing various kinds of emotions, such as sadness, happiness, anger, love and many more. These emotions are real and so are the things that triggered us to feel them in the first place. In Swamplandia, we knew that Ossie felt love for Louis Thanksgiving on the first day she said his name. She told her sister that Louis Thanksgiving was the ghost that she has fallen in love with (Russell, 111). This love that she has for him is true and unique, because, he was the only ghost that she has mentioned by
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