Realm of Wonders Union Essay

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Alison’s alarm went off, and she groaned. Usually, her mum would have shouted for her to get up and out of bed by now. However, today not a sound was heard and Alison knew this was a bad sign. She clicked her alarm off and went to the bathroom and had a wash. Downstairs in the kitchen, all was quiet too. It was as though her mum had not been home all night, until she saw a mug by the sink. Alison wanted to look for her, but at the same time, she was nervous as to what she may say to her, so decided against this. She made her breakfast and ate her cereal quickly then left the house. She met Sarah halfway down her street. Sarah smiled brightly to her friend. Alison half smiled, she did not feel too good and wanted to go back to bed until…show more content…
“All right, I know. I’m not always putting my foot in it,” Sarah sighed rolling her eyes. Rachel looked at the two girls, with her nose in the air as though something unpleasant was on the ground. “Look at the state of you two. You look like you’ve been sleeping on the streets, with your crappy hairstyles and tatty uniforms. And you have the nerve to turn up to school like that, how revolting,” Rachel scowled. “But then, you always do anyway,” she laughed. “Stop being such a malicious cow!” Simon shouted. “At least they don’t need to spend all their living lives in front of a mirror to look like that, because you look more like you’ve slept rough. So get over it,” Simon snarled and looked at Rachel with annoyance before storming off and leaving Rachel looking surprised. Alison and Sarah laughed hard; Rachel had never been spoken to like that before by Simon, and ran off begging Simon to wait for her, followed by William, who too had a look of confusion written over his clammy face. “Serves her right,” Sarah laughed. “Never thought he’d say that though, thought he fancied her.” “No way, he was forced to be friends with her. Oh well, at least it balances my day.” “What does that mean?” Sarah asked. “You know, the ups and downs I’m going to have today. I will have Mum yelling at me when I get home, but having that snob spoken to like that, kind of level’s the depression out of my life a bit,” Alison smiled. “I see,” Sarah said slowly, not knowing what her friend
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