Realms of Earth

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Reading Material: Realms of the Earth Astro-physicists and scientists believe that there could be quite a few planets in the Universe similar to our planet Earth. There is also a probable chance that some form of life prevails and sustains in one of such planet. However, so far as we presently know, the Earth is the only planet which supports life which makes it a very unique planet. It is therefore imperative (very important and necessary) for us to understand the spheres of the Earth as the spheres play a crucial role to enable life forms to evolve, prevail and sustain. The three main components of the Earth are water, air and soil. They are not only in contact with each other but are also interactive and interdependent. Life exists only…show more content…
The external forces lead to wearing away and rebuilding of the Earth’s surface. The agents of erosion physically change the Earth’s surface by eroding (wearing away) land surfaces, transporting the eroded material and depositing the weathered soil, sand and debris at other places. For example, rain, wind and rivers erode the mountains and highlands, the eroded particles are carried and deposited further down to form plains. Types of landforms MOUNTAINS A mountain is a natural elevation of the Earth’s surface rising high above its surrounding. Mountains have narrow summits and broad bases. Mountains are found both on land and on the ocean floor. They are of different types. Some of them are very high and some relatively short. Some have pointed peaks, while some have rounded tops. Some have steep slopes and some have gentle slopes. The higher reaches of the mountains can be very cold. The higher the altitude, the lower will be the temperature. Fold Mountains Fold Mountains are formed by the upward movement and folding of land masses due to lateral compression caused by tectonic or internal forces. When two plates move towards each other, the place of convergence of the two plates gets compressed. The crust along the edge gets crumpled or folded. Massive layers of the Earth’s crust get uplifted as a result of these converging forces, resulting in the formation of Fold Mountains. The Himalayas and the Alps were formed in the same way in the
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