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1. What are the main investment sectors of the commercial real estate market usually considered by institutional investors?
Ok, dear student, let start by saying that commercial real state is the property and the Commercial real estate (CRE) is the property, which is used primarily for business purposes. The main investment sectors are CRE market include restaurants, office towers, office parks, gas stations, malls, and convenience stores, to mention just a few. Please, you need to understand here that the CRE will be always among the three majors aspects of real state and the business, which occupy CRE usually rent the space. In addition, another key aspect for you to understand is the fact that Investors usually own the buildings and
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They may include commercial, agricultural, residential or industrial real estates. Some REITs comprise mortgages, storage units, malls, or a combination of investments. Including real estate ventures in a portfolio may provide extra diversification from the normal combination of stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. To add real estates, investors may buy into REITs or they may directly purchase real estates, like buildings or homes, or land. All ways of investing have their advantages and disadvantages.
Dear student please keep it simple as much as you can in order to develop this answer. Here you can see pretty clear how this system works. In considering the main advantage of REITs as opposed to purchasing a commercial real estate directly, we notice that shares of REITs trade on the stock exchange like all other stocks. This attribute makes it simple for investors to add real estates through purchasing shares in one or many REITs. REITs are professionally managed companies that own portfolios of investment assets. Investing in REIT enables investors to pick definite areas of the real estate marketplaces, like apartment buildings, commercial properties, shopping centers or medical structures. REIT shares usually forfeit dividends with yields more than the ideal stock shares.
Consequently, taking into consideration the disadvantages of REITs as opposed to purchasing a commercial real estate directly, it is observed that the greatest adverse to
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