Realtime Resolutions, By David Kaplan

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In this chapter the author David Kaplan wrote about globalization and how it changed international relations between countries. According to Kaplan, “globalization refers to the movement of capital , information, goods and services among huge multinational corporations, largely ignoring the traditonal role of national boundaries” (Kaplan 88). Many multinational companies have their headquarters based in some of the world cities. World cities are sometimes called global cities as well. An example of a multinational corporation in a world city would be the company that I work for which is Realtime Resolutions. Realtime is a collection agency. Our office headquarter office is here in Dallas and we have two other offices, one in Phoenix Arizona…show more content…
As reported by Kaplan, the top three world cities in 1999 were New York, USA, Tokyo, Japan, and London UK. Dallas, Texas was number forty-two. Some of the roles that those world cities play are as so: Centers of tourism, banking, political power, consumption of specialty goods, advanced professional services, information production, agglomeration of companies, and of culture.
As these world cities grow, the need for informationalization also increases, which in turn makes the fabrication of manufactured good less of a priority. The result is deindustrialization which is the decline in manufacturing Jobs in the powerful cities. This happens when the cost of labor is cheaper in other countries which leads the companies to move the production to a different country. Some of the countries with low-cost labor are Mexico and India, which are both developing
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Capitalism is an economic entity with private ownership over manufacturing and thrives on operating to earn a profit. It is what keeps globalization going. Another phenomenon that helps these cities grow is tourism. These cities need to keep coming up with new ways for people to visit and spend their money there. Marketing plays a huge role. They market different aspects of the cities to various types of people. An example is the Cowboy’s stadium. It can serve for many purposes. The funeral held there for the war hero Chris Kyle, most likely opened up the minds of many people to hold big honor ceremonies. The Cowboy’s stadium is an outstanding place for the greatest people to be recognized in. As tourism grows, so does the need for more hotels, restaurants, adequate transportation, retail locations, employees, and many other things. Technology of course, has had a major role in globalization. The new and upcoming technologies coming out everyday help to distribute goods and information faster and efficiently to the entire world. Cities are also suseptible to being torn down but if the city is strong and motivated enough then falling down only makes them stronger. A great example of this was New York on September 11th. From the attack came smarter technology and strictor regulations in mehods off transportation and
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