Realtionship Between Internal Marketing, Employee Job Satisfaction

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International Journal of Management

Vol. 22 No. 2

June 2005


Relationships among Internal Marketing, Employee Job Satisfaction and International Hotel Performance: An Empirical Study
Ing-San Hwang National Taipei University, Taiwan Der-Jang Chi National Taipei University, Taiwan The concept of internal marketing employed in the service sector is crucial to excellent service provision and successful external marketing which calls for an exploration in details. Taking this concept into account, this paperptesents an empirical study on the correlations among internal marketing, employee job satisfaction and organizational performance with respect to international hotels in Taiwan. Findings show significant correlations among
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Cahill (1996), Pitt and Foreman (1999) share similar comments. 2. Measuring Job Satisfaction Job Description Index (JDI) (Smith et al., 1969) is the most frequently quoted scale when measuring job satisfaction. The scale includes areas like type of job, remuneration, promotion, superior management, and joh associates. However, Spector (1985) has identified some problems with JDI when it is applied to employees from the service sector. Thus Spector developed the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) that essentially bringing more to the forefront aspects of satisfaction of remuneration, promotion, management styles and relations, welfare, incentive, operation procedures, associate relationships, job description, and communication. 3. Measuring an Organization 's Performance Comparatively comprehensive viewpoints on measuring performance of an organization have been introduced since the 197O 's. Indices suggested by Campbell (1977) include general performance, productivity, efficiency, profit, quality, absenteeism, job satisfaction, motivation, morality, organizational growth, and market share. By referring to documentation complied on performance of an organization, Venkatraman and Ramanujam (1986) classify the variables in measuring that performance into three groups: (I) Financial performance

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