Rear Window ( 1954 ) And Stella Dallas

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The classic films, Rear Window (1954) and Stella Dallas (1937), both tell different stories involving women in the classic caregiver role. However, both movies do this in different ways for each female character and the reactions given by both society and their male counterpart within t that role also differs greatly in each film. While in both films women are depicting in the classic caregiving, beauty obsessed, somehow nagging sense as greatly stereotypes within the film world, the status of each woman differs leading to a different cause and effect. The film makers utilize different filming techniques to convey their messages and evoke different reactions and emotions from their audience. I will be comparing and contrasting Stella Dallas to Rear Window in order to examine how each film both formally and narratively constructs the female identity, while making note on class and gender differences. In the first film Rear Window, we follow a man by the name of L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies, who is currently stuck at home nursing a broken leg. In order to kill time Jeff watches his neighbors from his wheelchair with a pair of binoculars at the rear window of his place. While watching these neighbors Jeff develops several insights to his neighbors ranging from “Miss Torso” a beautiful ballet dancer who is throughout the film shown in a scantily clad, sexual manner to the lonely, depressed woman who attempts a suicide at one point in the movie. The driving point of the film comes

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