"Rear Window" Analysis Paper

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Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film “Rear Window” demonstrated a suspenseful and terrifying storyline, which captured the attention of a variety of audiences. The film focuses on James Stuart (Jeff) and ultimately his neighbors who live around him. Stuart is crippled from the beginning of the movie and is unable to leave his apartment. Due to his immobility, he remains confined in his home with a broken leg and begins to watch his neighbor’s particular behaviors and routines. The film progresses into drama and suspense that is seen through music, lighting, film editing processing and extensive detail to the neighborhood being watched. Rear Window exhibits these details in the scene where Grace Kelly who plays the role of Lisa, attempts to…show more content…
It becomes obvious in the courtyard while she stares up at the apartment that she is considering going into his home. This perspective uses parallel editing because Lisa is shown on the ground and is also shown in the apartment within seconds. The two scenes represent the idea and thought that once Lisa enters the house she is fully committed in her actions. As Lisa searches the apartment the camera zooms out into a panoramic type view in which the whole apartment is visible. The effect of this view is dramatic because it gives the notion that Thorwald could potentially appear and you are able to see not only him, but Lisa as well. This viewpoint is used often in the film to demonstrate Jeff’s perspective on the neighborhood as well as the viewers watching the film. The scene continues as Thorwald returns to his apartment. Jeff notices that Thorwald is walking down the hallway as Lisa is near the door and neither character’s have a clue that the other one is on the opposite side of the door. This again demonstrates parallel editing because the two characters are shown in a different location but in the same scene. The panoramic viewpoint was useful so not only for Jeff, but for the audience to realize the danger Lisa is in and his helpless because she is unaware. The suspense continues as Thorwald enters the home and discovers Lisa inside. He eventually begins
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