Rear Window Directed By Alfred Hitchcock Essay

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Gender ideologies are apparent in all areas of life. Whether it be online, in TV shows, movies or in person, this idea of a specific role for each gender is almost inescapable. The stereotypes of both what women and men should aspire to be and follow are ever changing in today’s current society. However, in 1954, gender roles were very specific and it is shown throughout the film, Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Through this film, gender ideologies are challenged but ultimately remain unshattered. The film produces an obvious view of women as the caretakers, and fragile in comparison to men who are the main providers. As the plot of Rear Window develops, characters continue to maintain the time periods gender ideologies despite the challenges they overcome. Throughout the plot line there are an endless amount of characters introduced from the main perspective L.B. Jefferies or ‘Jeff’, an injured action photographer who is spending his days recovering, confined in his apartment while watching his neighbors from his window. Jeff is surrounded by the constant action of his neighbors lives for such an extended period of time that he becomes obsessed with it. His fixation with looking through windows leads him to investigate an apparent murder of a bedridden woman by her husband, Lars Thorwald. With the help of his girlfriend, Lisa and his caretaker, Stella, they explore the possible situation, digging around in Mr. Thorwald’s apartment. The full film is in the
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