Reasearch Corruption And Health Issues

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I am going to reasearch corruption and health issues in the ukraine. The ukraine has a considered health crisis with its high and low death rate most of the population has high blood pressure and obesity or hiv,aids. the current birth rate is 11/1,000 and current death rate is 16.3/1,000. the high contributor to the relatively death rate is a high mortality rate from working age males and alcohol poisoning. the ukraine is 50,000 doctors short health care is bad due to low funding and lack of deterioration rate of it material in technical base. According to the law, medical aid is free of charge. It is provided using budget funds by healthcare establishments and doctors that carry out economic activity on medical practice as individuals-entrepreneurs with whom agreements on the service of rendering free aid were signed. Corruption in ukraine is a widespread going in the ukraine society. High levels of corruption among Ukraine’s top officials represents a major obstacle for foreign investment in the country.Ukraine has amended its anti-corruption legislation to comply with the recommendations given by the European Commission on improving the provisions of the country’s anti-corruption law in the context of negotiations on visa liberalisation with the EU. These are the corruption and health care issues in the ukraine. Before the Ukraine was called the Ukraine it was known as Kievan Rus when it was under the rule of russia. (1890) the first ukrainian political party
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