Reasearch Methodology

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In terms of basic research and applied research how would you categorize Sam’s study? Why? Sam’s studies used applied research , as Sam is solving specific problems in particular situations. Purposiveness, testability, and objectivity are three hallmarks of scientific research. Use Sam’s study as an example to discuss these hallmarks. Purposiveness : Scientific research must have a definite aim or purpose focus . Here Sam’s succeeded to develop a purpose for the research : “What is the effect of personality and emotional reactivity on the financial performance of day traders.” Testability: Scientific research should test logically developed hypotheses to see whether or not the data supports the hypothesis that are developed after…show more content…
a. What is rigor? The research has been done with carefulness , scrupulousness and the degree of exactitude in research investigation and It must fulfill the following conditions : a. Conclusion drawn must be based on a sample that represent the entire group . b. The questionnaire should not contain any kind of bias and incorrectness in the response . c. Make sure that all other influenced are covered and verbalized during the interviews . b. Do you think that despite the apparent lack of rigor, Sam’s efforts have still been worthwhile? Yes ,Sam’s effort still been worthwhile as it clearly indicates that emotion management is required in this kind of jobs and that some training and practices would help in solving this problem . 5a. Inductive and deductive reasoning are key elements in research. Describe these processes in detail. Deduction process : application of a general theory to a specific case . Induction process : A process where we observe a specific phenomenon and on this basis we arrive at a general conclusion . 5b. How does Sam use induction and deduction in his study? For the deduction process ,Sam created theoretical framework that represents his beliefs on how certain variables are related to financial performance and an explanation of why he believes that these variables are associated with financial
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