Reasearch on the Brain Functions of Autistic Children

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His group studied the motor command neuron from the premotor cortex. The neuron is part of the frontal lobe that is responsible for voluntary movements. Electrodes were hooked up to the brain and the macacas had to perform goal oriented actions.1 When a macaca reached for a peanut, the same exact neuron from another monkey observing them was fired also. This action surprised Giacomo and his colleagues. They found out the neuron is also found in the same regions as the human cortex1. Further research of the mirror neurons were shown to be located in different parts of the brain such as the insular and cingulate cortices. They found out that the neurons at the anterior cingulate cortex are fired when a person is in pain and the same goes for the person who watches them1. It was concluded that mirror neurons are seen to be performing similar functions that is found in autism meaning that if there was a…
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