Reason For Referral, Special Education Services And Background Information

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Reason for Referral, Special Education Services and Background Information: Every three years, all students receiving special education services must be evaluated to determine if they continue to meet the qualifications of special education and if they need special education services to be able to do well in school. Classification/Diagnosis: Makenna currently receives special education services under the label of Specific Leaning Disabilities. Earlier in the school year, Makenna received Study Skills (pull out for a class period) and support in her some of her General Education classes. To determine if she continued to need as much support, parents agreed to temporarily remove Makenna from the Study Skills class, and provide Makenna special education support only when requested in the General Education classes. Background: Originally, Makenna’s mother made a request for an evaluation by the Douglas County Infant and Toddler program in December of 2005. She was evaluated and received speech-language services through the Tiny-K program in Douglas. Six months later, Makenna was re-evaluated to determine if she qualified for Part B (the school age program for children ages 3-21 years old. Because she was turning three years old, and would no longer be eligible for Tiny-K services, an evaluation was requested to determine if she met the qualifications for special education services for children 3-21 years of age. Based on the testing, Makenna was placed in special
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