Reason For Ww1

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In WW1 there were 17 million deaths including 20 million injuries in combat and outside of the war. Back in 1914 there were a couple uprises people could have said started World War 1, for example maybe the wars in the Balkans, or more likely, the assassination of the Archduke and his wife. The war was really a fight for land, as in who could get more land, and who could build the bigger army, and partly even the alliances countries made with others. And it all ties together, because if you are fighting for more land, then you are getting a larger population, which will invite more people to fight for their new country. But, did this war really help anyone? Now that could be answered in many different forms, just depending on which country’s…show more content…
It was common that the bigger and more advanced army and navy were prone to win what ever war was fought. So, in a way the militarism is just a way to say that they were competing for who could build up the bigger and better military. Now granted, they spent A LOT of money, but it all was just to prepare for a big war that was bound to happen. The countries’ started building up a big military because no one knew who actually killed the Archduke and his wife, everyone just assumed it was Serbia. So on top of that and the crisis in the Balkans, everyone was anticipating someone to screw up and then the wars would start. Just as imperialism every country wanted to be bigger and better than each other. For example, when looking at the expenses each country spent on their army, you can tell who obviously had the best army and military. The year that WW1 started Germany spent over 200 million dollars on their military. They spent the most because their enemies were Russia and France and those countries were on either side of Germany making them cornered in a way. This would make it harder for Germany to have troops exported to them. But over all the reason for militarism was all to compete for who had the bigger military and for who’s navy and army were more “state of the
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